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GreenStep City Best Practices Transportation

Living Streets
no. 11

Create a network of green complete streets that improves city quality of life and adds value to surrounding properties.
  Best Practice Action 6      [ 1 2 3 4 5 6 ]       [all actions]

Implement traffic calming policy/measures, including lane conversions (road diets), roundabouts, shared space and depaving, in at least one street redevelopment project.

  • See Minnesota’s Best Practices for Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety (MnDOT: 2013) and the Small Town and Rural Design Guide (Center for Prevention, MN: 2017) that provides information on bicycle and pedestrian facilities specifically applicable to small towns and rural communities.
  • See Traffic Calming 101 from the Project for Public Spaces, the Institute of Transportation Engineer's traffic calming database and the MN Dept. of Transportation's resources on roundabouts.
  • See 2018 lane reconfiguration (road diet) case studies on the MnDOT web site from the cities of Albert Lea, Battle Lake, Parkers Prairie, and Richfield.
  • The Federal Highway Authority strongly encourages the use of driving lane reconfiguration (road diets) where appropriate. The classic road diet involves converting an undivided 4-lane roadway with average daily traffic of 20,000 vehicles or fewer into 3 lanes made up of 2 through lanes and a center 2-way left turn lane. (Special rules apply for State Aid routes of 15,000+ ADT; note that the curb-reaction/shy footage can be eliminated.) Documented benefits, which can be seen and heard in this 2-minute video (from planner Jeff Speck, author of Walkable City Rules: 2018) on 4 types of road diet) include:
    • Shortening pedestrian crossing distance and providing room for a pedestrian crossing island
      Improving safety for walkers - especially deaths by eliminating the inside lanes - and for bicyclists when bike lanes are added, typically increasing biking by 30%+
      Providing the opportunity for on-street parking
      Reducing car crashes (specifically rear-end and sideswipe crashes) 20%-50%, depending on the context
      Lowering speeds, which decreases crash severity with minimal (5%-10%) reduction in car throughput
      Low cost if tested out first with paint and potted plants as Alexandria did in 2016, and/or if planned in conjunction with reconstruction or simple overlay projects
  • Note also that streets with fewer than 1000 average annual daily trips at peak hour generally need only two lanes, and that generally no street handling fewer than 10,000 AADT should quality for left-turn lanes or a center turn lane.
  • One approach to traffic calming relies more on changing the psychological feel, rather than the physical geometry, of the street. Shared space and paint the pavement are 2 techniques, also known by the terms naked streets, living streets, street reclaiming, mental speed bumps, woonerfs. See also AARP's Imagining Livability Design Collection and The Street Plan Collaborative's Tactical Urbanist's Guide to Materials and Design (ver. 1.0: 2016), visual portfolios of least-expensive, quick interventions to long-term initiatives.
  • Retention of a gravel road , or conversion of a paved road to a gravel road usually has traffic calming and financial benefits but the effect on nearby surface water is site-specific and can be so negative as to overwhelm the benefits. See gravel road maintenance resources from the Minnesota Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP).
Measures such as streetscaping, bump-outs, raised cross walks, intersection markings, medians and narrower lane widths. Report temporary or permanent parklet installations under action 14.1
Measures such as roundabouts, and road reconfigurations (road diets) where 3 lanes replace 4 lanes of a road with under 20,000 average annual daily traffic counts; adopt a traffic calming policy.
Pedestrian-centered road planning/implementation; measures from street reclaiming, naked streets, shared space, woonerfs, and Paint the Pavement approaches; diverging diamond interchange, J-turn lane, reverse diagonal parking; a multi-modal Level of Service metric developed and applied to road projects; conversion of underused/redundant roads to gravel roads, stormwater management, energy generation, etc.


Date action report first entered:   02/19/2016
Date of last report update:   02/08/2019
Action completed after joining GreenStep?   Yes

Implementation details:
Restripe: 12 to 11 width dropped from 4 lanes to 3 (opposing left) on 11th Ave, 72nd Street, 76th Street, Portland Ave, and 66th St. Roundabouts: 4 on 66th St. and 3-5 proposed in future projects. Richfield’s Guiding Principles used in every transportation project emphasize multi-modal design as the community’s top priority – a concept also seen in internal planning practices which start with land use considerations and then, in order, pedestrian, transit, bicycle, and vehicle performance measures. This is seen in the recent 66th Street construction which now has: • Safer roads with raised concrete medians • New turn lanes in key areas • New sidewalks and trails with a boulevard buffer • New paths to use when bicycling • Better stormwater management • Improved accessibility for people with disabilities

Descriptive links: https://www.richfieldsweetstreets.org/wp-content/uploads/Guiding-Principles-Revised.pdf

For more information contact:
Jack Broz (City staff)   |   jbroz@richfieldmn.gov   |   6128619792

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Date action report first entered:   11/18/2015
Date of last report update:   11/18/2015

Implementation details:
The city of Sartell along with partner projects (MNDOT, Stearns County) in 2013 became the first in the state of MN to complete a diverging diamond interchange. The interchange is located at the intersection of CO Rd 120 and State Highway 15. During the 2015 reconstruction of Pinecone RD a major artery within the city the city completed 3 roundabouts. The roundabouts are located at the following intersections: Pinecone Rd N & 2nd ST; Pinecone Rd & Heritage Dr; Pinecone Rd and Scout Dr. The city also has plans to implement more roundabouts within the next couple of years. See link: http://www.sctimes.com/story/news/local/2014/12/09/sartell-plans-roundabouts-pinecone-road/20169301/

Descriptive links: http://www.dot.state.mn.us/d3/hwy15ddi/

For more information contact:
Nate Keller (City staff)   |   nate.keller@sartellmn.com   |   320-258-7316

MNDOT; Stearns County, City of Saint Cloud.

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Albert Lea

Date action report first entered:   07/15/2016
Date of last report update:   07/15/2016

Implementation details:
In 2015 the City of Albert Lea implemented a road diet on Broadway Avenue, converting the road from 4 lanes to 3 and adding bike lanes.

For more information contact:
Jerry Gabrielatos (City staff)   |   jgabrielatos@ci.albertlea.mn.us   |   507-377-4316

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Date action report first entered:   04/25/2013
Date of last report update:   06/17/2016

Implementation details:
The City of Bemidji implemented traffic calming measures in the South Shore Development project by installing two roundabouts on the roads near the Sanford Center (along Event Center Dr and Grant Ave).

For more information contact:
Kent Ehrenstrom (Community volunteer)   |   kent.ehrenstrom@state.mn.us   |   218-755-6555

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Date action report first entered:   11/24/2017
Date of last report update:   11/24/2017
Year action initially completed:   2016
Action completed after joining GreenStep?   No

Implementation details:
In 2016 we did a project on W 98th Street between Nesbitt and Normandale that included many elements listed. The project was to reconstruct the existing parkway and in that project we narrowed the road (reduced amount of pavement) and increased the green space in the center of the parkway and added on-street bikeway by eliminating one vehicle lane in each direction.

Descriptive links: https://www.google.com/maps/search/West+98th+Street+Circle,+Bloomington,+MN/@44.8264112,-93.3566007,805m/data=!3m1!1e3

For more information contact:
Steve Gurney (City staff)   |   sgurney@BloomingtonMN.gov   |   952-563-4606

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Date action report first entered:   10/21/2014
Date of last report update:   05/19/2016

Implementation details:
Curb bump-outs and streetscaping were part of the downtown renewal project implemented in 2008. The rebuilt College Drive, completed in 2013, included streetscaping and roundabouts.

For more information contact:
Mark Ostgarden (City staff)   |   mostgarden@ci.brainerd.mn.us   |   218-828-2309

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Columbia Heights

Date action report first entered:   11/19/2014
Date of last report update:   11/19/2014

Implementation details:
Columbia Heights between 2004 and 2007 the City redeveloped and old industrial area into a town home residential district. This was projected to increase traffic considerably at the corner of Jefferson and 39th Ave (now called Huset parkway). A roundabout was designed and built to improve traffic flow for the area. This was in accordance with the Comprehensive plan (Chapter 6 page 2) GOAL: Provide for safe and efficient roadway transportation. 1. Review and analyze high traffic crash locations on a biannual basis. 2. Work with MnDOT and Anoka County to provide means for low-cost traffic congestion mitigation.

Descriptive links: http://www.ci.columbia-heights.mn.us/index.aspx?nid=198             view file

For more information contact:
Jesse Davies (City staff)   |   Jesse.Davies@ci.columbia-heights.mn.us   |   763-706-3706

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Cottage Grove

Date action report first entered:   01/31/2014

Implementation details:
70th Street roundabout was installed summer 2013 at Highway 19. Double round abouts installed at East Point Douglas Road/Highway 61 and jamaica Ave. Construction of the Ravine Parkway includes medians throughout as well as raised crosswalks.

For more information contact:
Ryan Burfeind (City staff)   |   rburfeind@cottage-grove.org   |   651-458-2899

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Date action report first entered:   01/03/2015
Date of last report update:   01/03/2015

Implementation details:
Made former 4-lane roads into 3-lanes, 1 in each direction with a center turn lane (Douglas Drive, Medicine Lake Road, Bass Lake Road, 36th Avenue)

Outcome measures/metrics:
Traffic slowed

For more information contact:
Anne Norris (City staff)   |   Anne.Norris@crystalmn.gov   |   763-531-1140

Hennepin County, Cities of Brooklyn Center, Golden Valley, New Hope, Robbinsdale

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Date action report first entered:   06/03/2014
Date of last report update:   06/03/2014

Implementation details:
The City of Duluth implemented traffic calming measures at the reconstructed intersection at Jefferson Street and 17th Ave East.

            view file

For more information contact:
Alex Jackson, Energy Coordinator (City staff)   |   ajackson@DuluthMN.gov   |   218-730-4433

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Date action report first entered:   01/11/2011

Implementation details:
Installation of two roundabouts: intersection of Diffley & Rahn and intersection of Denmark & Central Pkwy. Eagan also encouraged implementation of radio transmitted traffic signals, installation of flashing yellow left turn signals to reduce idling, for example, along Yankee Doodle Rd. Chokers/narrowing on Ashbury Drive, Blackhawk Lake Road, Deerwood Drive, Denmark Avenue (added sidewalk). Speed display signs on Daniel Drive, Deerwood Drive, Denmark Avenue.

For more information contact:
Tim Plath (City staff)   |   tplath@cityofeagan.com   |   651/675-5643

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Date action report first entered:   10/10/2011

Implementation details:
A variety of traffic calming approaches such as traffic circles and pedestrian islands are used in concert with safety, transportation and striping projects.

For more information contact:
Tara Brown (City staff)   |   tbrown@edinamn.gov   |   (952)826-1621

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Fergus Falls

Date action report first entered:   01/14/2016
Date of last report update:   01/14/2016

Implementation details:
As a part of the Tower Road and Bridge project, a roundabout was added to this area. When Friberg Avenue was reconstructed, narrower roadways with a turning lane were established. This roadway goes by the 6-12 school buildings, YMCA and residential areas.

For more information contact:
Len Taylor (City staff)   |   len.taylor@ci.fergus-falls.mn.us   |   218-332-5418

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Date action report first entered:   12/06/2017
Date of last report update:   12/06/2017
Year action initially completed:   2017
Action completed after joining GreenStep?   Yes

Implementation details:
During the project open house for Fridley's 2015 Street Reconstruction project, staff heard concerns regarding vehicle speeds on 3rd Street between 49th Avenue and 53rd Avenue. The City received funding from the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (MWMO)to reduce pavement area along 3rd street through the installation of seven bump outs which reduced street width from 40 feet to 24. Staff hosted two onsite meetings with residents to discuss proposed changes and gather input on design. In advance of the first meeting, the City placed traffic delineation to mimick the impacts of the bump outs. In 2017, the bumpouts were excavated into bioswales and planted with pollinator plants. These bioswales perform co-benefits of treating stormwater and calming traffic.

            view file

For more information contact:
Rachel Workin (City staff)   |   rachel.workin@fridleymn.gov   |   763-572-3594

Mississippi Watershed Management

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Golden Valley

Date action report first entered:   04/25/2017
Date of last report update:   04/25/2017
Year action initially completed:   2004
Action completed after joining GreenStep?   No

Implementation details:
The Douglas Drive corridor project will incorporate streetscaping, sidewalks, bike lanes and roundabouts at Sandburg Road and Golden Valley Road intersections for improved traffic flow. Construction will be completed in 2017. Reconstruction of Winnetka Avenue South and Xenia Avenue South incorporated perennial, shrub, and tree plantings in medians and boulevards. Xenia Avenue was constructed with curves to induce slower traffic speeds. The City supported road diets implemented on three County Roads where four lanes were reduced to three. Almost every street reconstruction project the City has completed for the last 15 years has narrowed roadway widths. When reconstructing streets, the City always looks for opportunities to remove redundant roadways and reduce impervious surfaces. In 2004, the City converted a segment of the Olson Memorial South Frontage Road to trail and greenspace. In 2010, the City converted a segment of road to a biofiltration basin (rain garden) and trail in Paisley Park. In 2017, the City converted a segment of Rhode Island Avenue to greenspace and flood storage. A redundant segment of road that was located in the floodplain at Scott Avenue North (near Minnaqua Pond) was converted to trail and native buffer.

Descriptive links: http://www.goldenvalleymn.gov/streets/construction/douglas-drive.php

For more information contact:
Jeff Oliver (City staff)   |   joliver@goldenvalleymn.gov   |   (763)-593-8034

Hennepin County

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Inver Grove Heights

Date action report first entered:   05/26/2017
Date of last report update:   07/05/2017
Year action initially completed:   2009
Action completed after joining GreenStep?   No

Implementation details:
Inver Grove Heights constructed a roundabout in 2009. The City of Inver Grove Heights has been working with the MnDOT and Dakota County to construct a second roundabout. The preliminary layout was approved in January 2017 and construction is planned to start in Spring 2018. Streetscaping was implemented in the design of Cahill Road, a highly utilized road with the City. A raised cross walk was implemented outside of Gertens to increase safety for pedestrians. The City of Inver Grove Heights also promotes development of medians and narrower streets to developers.

For more information contact:
Ally Hillstrom (City staff)   |   ahillstrom@invergroveheights.org   |   651-604-8511

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Date action report first entered:   03/22/2012
Date of last report update:   05/01/2015

Implementation details:
During the reconstruction of Beam Avenue, the street was narrowed and bump-outs were constructed. A round-about has been added to the Gladstone area to slow traffic and prevent congestion during recent redevelopment projects. The living streets policy also has design measures that reduce street width, raised cross walks, dynamic speed display signs, chicanes, bump-outs, and differentiated pavement surfaces (including pervious pavement). All of which work to calm traffic in residential and commercial areas.

Outcome measures/metrics:
Narrowing the street and creating bump-outs help reduce speed and help the flow of surface water to rain gardens located on the side of the road.

For more information contact:
Steve Love (City staff)   |   steve.love@maplewoodmn.gov   |   651-249-2404

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Date action report first entered:   12/18/2017
Date of last report update:   12/18/2017
Action completed after joining GreenStep?   No

Implementation details:
The City of Moorhead has adopted a traffic calming policy.

            view file

For more information contact:
Dan Mahli (City staff)   |   dan.mahli@cityofmoorhead.com   |   218-299-5314

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New Hope

Date action report first entered:   04/01/2015
Date of last report update:   12/03/2018
Year action initially completed:   2018
Action completed after joining GreenStep?   Yes

Implementation details:
The city adopted a Complete Streets resolution in January of 2011. Examples of streets that have been altered to follow the complete streets philosophy include Boone Ave N & 49th Ave N and Xylon Ave N & 45th Ave N (2015). Lanes have been narrowed to allow for bike lanes, sidewalks, and parking. Medicine Lake Rd and 36th Ave N were changed from 4 lanes to 3 lanes. Cones were added to narrow a pedestrian crossing at Boone Ave N near Sonnesyn Elementary. In 2017, the city partnered with MnDOT and Alta Planning + Design to develop Safe Routes to School (SRTS) plans for the three elementary schools in New Hope. The SRTS plans include an assessment of existing infrastructure and non-infrastructure barriers and opportunities for each participating school site. Planning is completed in close coordination with school-based teams to support a clear path to implementation. For each school, detailed action plans for specific short- and long-term infrastructure and non-infrastructure projects that support the overall vision of enabling more students to access their schools and communities on foot or bicycle were developed.

Descriptive links: https://www.ci.new-hope.mn.us/city_hall/community_development/policies_plans

For more information contact:
Jeff Alger (City staff)   |   jalger@ci.new-hope.mn.us   |   763-531-5119


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Date action report first entered:   04/14/2015
Date of last report update:   04/14/2015

Implementation details:
The Tartan Crossing Redevelopment has implemented several traffic calming measures as it is a busy, mixed-use area that is also home to a senior living community. A road diet was implemented for the main road that serves the site, with two lanes for traffic and a shared turn lane in the middle. There is also extensive streetscaping with trees and concrete planting areas to separate the road traffic from the sidewalks throughout the site.

For more information contact:
Jen Hassebroek (City staff)   |   jen.hassebroek@ci.oakdale.mn.us   |   651-730-2723

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Date action report first entered:   12/30/2014
Date of last report update:   02/11/2015

Implementation details:
The City's Neighborhood Traffic Program lists bump outs, raised crosswalks, pavement/crossings markings, and narrower lanes as traffic management strategies.The city has implemented 2 roundabouts and completed road diets.

For more information contact:
Ryan Johnson (City staff)   |   Ryan.johnson@cityofroseville.com   |   651-792-7049

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Saint Cloud

Date action report first entered:   05/11/2011

Implementation details:
St. Cloud proactively utilizes a number of traffic calming measures when developing or reconstructing streets including narrower width (32'), speed hump, gateway island, roundabout, and diversions such as a straight curb, bollards or landscaped medians among others. In the past few years, five roundabouts were built in the St. Cloud area. In a residential development, Westwood Parkway was constructed at a width of 32'.

Descriptive links: http://ci.stcloud.mn.us/e/Default.aspx

For more information contact:
Liz Kramer (City staff)   |   elizabeth.kramer@ci.stcloud.mn.us   |   320-255-7226

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Saint Paul

Date action report first entered:   10/27/2014
Date of last report update:   10/27/2014

Implementation details:
The City has numerous traffic calming measures in place which includes: roadway bump outs, painting crosswalks, boulevard trees; intersection marking, medians, curvier roads; and stripping crosswalks.

For more information contact:
Kurt Schultz (City staff)   |   kurt.schultz@ci.stpaul.mn.us   |   651-266-6590

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Date action report first entered:   05/01/2013

Implementation details:
Several recent street redevelopment projects have incorporated traffic calming measures. In 2012, Colby Lake Drive was converted from a 52 foot wide street to a parkway with two 20-foot lanes separated by a 12 foot median. The narrowed roadway has slowed traffic in the area, which had been one of the goals of the project. Other projects include speed bumps on Meadowbrook Drive, and reducing the width of Wimbledon Drive from 44 feet to 28 feet with a sidewalk. There are currently twelve roundabouts within the City of Woodbury.

For more information contact:
Jennifer McLoughlin (City staff)   |   jmcloughlin@ci.woodbury.mn.us   |   651-714-3522

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Apple Valley

Date action report first entered:   03/19/2012

Implementation details:
Curb bump-outs and boulevard trees were installed as traffic calming measures on Garden View Drive, south of Whitney Drive.

For more information contact:
Charless Grawe (City staff)   |   CGrawe@ci.apple-valley.mn.us   |   952-953-2508

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Brooklyn Center

Date action report first entered:   02/10/2015
Date of last report update:   03/19/2015

Implementation details:
Improvements to 63rd Ave N in 2015 will move curb lines inward reducing street width. In addition, there will be installation of several bump outs and medians to reduce travel speed in the corridor. The bump-outs at pedestrian crossing will shorten pedestrian crossing times.

For more information contact:
Andrew Hogg (City staff)   |   ahogg@ci.brooklyn-center.mn.us   |   763-569-3327

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Date action report first entered:   06/25/2012

Implementation details:
Heart of the City has the following traffic calming measures: - bumput parkings, intersection markings, and medians. A street project in southwestern Burnsville made the street lanes significantly narrower.

For more information contact:
Sue Bast (City staff)   |   basts@ci.burnsville.mn.us   |   952-895-4524

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Date action report first entered:   01/29/2019
Date of last report update:   01/29/2019
Year action initially completed:   2018
Action completed after joining GreenStep?   No

Implementation details:
The Connectivity Committee of the Crosslakers completed the Crosslake Beautification Flower Planter Project which included fastening flower baskets onto two County bridges. Solar panels were installed to water the flowers automatically. 5-14-18

For more information contact:
Martha Steele (Community volunteer)   |   steeles@brainerd.net   |   218-765-4041

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Eden Prairie

Date action report first entered:   01/16/2014

Implementation details:
Singletree Lane was reconstructed in 2010 into a four-lane divided roadway, with left turn lanes located between Flying Cloud Drive and Eden Road. The project includes a new traffic signal at the Flying Cloud Drive intersection, as well as new pedestrian facilities and streetscape enhancements along Singletree Lane meeting the Town Center Design Guidelines.

Descriptive links: http://www.edenprairie.org/modules/showdocument.aspx?documentid=330

For more information contact:
Tania Mahtani (City staff)   |   tmahtani@edenprairie.org   |   952-949-8413

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Elk River

Date action report first entered:   11/24/2010

Implementation details:
Traffic calming in the Trott Brook Parkway redevelopment was completed by narrowing the driving lanes in 2008. The driving lanes were narrowed from 20 feet to 12 feet by striping along the side of the road to clearly mark an 8 foot side lane for parking/biking. The City is currently drafting a traffic calming policy to be adopted by the city council.

Outcome measures/metrics:
The Trott Brook Pkwy redevelopment succeeded in lowering the average speed by 6mph without reducing the speed limit.

For more information contact:
Amanda Bednar (City staff)   |   ABednar@ElkRiverMN.gov   |   763-635-1068

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Falcon Heights

Date action report first entered:   07/25/2011

Implementation details:
The City of Falcon Heights implemented a streetscape project along Larpenteur Avenue which included hundreded of trees, native plantings, and decorative concrete at strategic intersections so that drivers know that this street is not only a major road through the city, but it is also a roadway that is used by cyclists and pedestrians on a daily basis.

For more information contact:
Justin Markon (City staff)   |   justin.markon@falconheights.org   |   651-792-7600

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Grand Marais

Date action report first entered:   11/04/2015
Date of last report update:   11/04/2015

Implementation details:
The City narrowed streets for traffic calming, built bump outs in the downtown and on streets around the school to make walking to school safer. Other traffic calming includes speed radar signs to get people to slow down coming into town on Highway 61.

For more information contact:
Shane Steele (Contractor)   |   shane.w.steele@gmail.com   |   507-884-5790

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Date action report first entered:   04/27/2016
Date of last report update:   04/27/2016

Implementation details:
We have done this on our 10th street project.

For more information contact:
Nick Egger (City staff)   |   negger@hastingsmn.gov   |   651-480-2370

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La Prairie

Date action report first entered:   04/14/2011
Date of last report update:   01/08/2016

Implementation details:
Traffic Calming: In 2010, we rebuilt and resurfaced one of our longest city street. In this construction was the inclusion of a series of speed humps intended to slow traffic. Plans are being discussed with the county to include a roundabout for traffic calming on the reconstruction of the proposed CSAH roadway. A public meeting to obtain resident input. Built a temporary roundabout on a city intersection to evaluate the impact of speed reduction before and after the installation in cooperation with Get Fit Itasca and the Wilder Foundation. 1/8/2016

Outcome measures/metrics:
Residents have reported a noticeable difference in the speed of auto traffic on this street which has resulted in additional pedestrian traffic.

For more information contact:
Jonathan Bolen (Elected official)   |   jbolen@laprairiemn.com   |   218-326-8898

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Date action report first entered:   12/10/2010

Implementation details:
Mankato adopted and utilizes a Neighborhood Traffic-Calming Program, which is a proactive, community-based program designed to enhance the quality of life in Mankato neighborhoods. It is a common goal among City leaders and residents to calm traffic on local residential streets where speeding, accidents, and/or non local traffic are concerns, providing a safer environment for motorists and pedestrians.

Descriptive links: http://www.mankato-mn.gov/Traffic-Calming-Program/Page.aspx

For more information contact:
Molly Westman (City staff)   |   mwestman@mankatomn.gov   |   507-387-8571

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Maple Grove

Date action report first entered:   03/13/2015
Date of last report update:   03/13/2015

Implementation details:
City of Maple Grove has implemented a variety of traffic calming approaches along Main Street such as on-street parking, bump outs, decorative crossing features, intersection markings, wide sidewalks, refuge islands and streetscaping.

            view file

For more information contact:
Peter Vickerman (City staff)   |   PVickerman@maplegrovemn.gov   |   763-494-6046

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Date action report first entered:   09/14/2017
Date of last report update:   09/14/2017
Year action initially completed:   2017
Action completed after joining GreenStep?   Yes

Implementation details:
In 2017, the City of Minnetonka began road reconstruction on Crosby Road from McGinty Road to the Wayzata city limits. The reconstruction included narrower lane widths to provide traffic calming. This roadway handles about 2,000 vehicles per day and its geometry is long and straight and provides a short cut for rush hour traffic. The vehicle lanes are being reduced from 12 feet wide to 11 feet wide and concrete curb is being added to provide an additional visual barrier to assist with traffic calming.

For more information contact:
Drew Ingvalson (City staff)   |   dingvalson@eminnetonka.com   |   952-939-8293

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New Brighton

Date action report first entered:   08/01/2017
Date of last report update:   08/01/2017
Year action initially completed:   2015
Action completed after joining GreenStep?   Yes

Implementation details:
At the intersection of 10th St. NW and 4th Ave NW, New Brighton has implemented a Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon, a Pedestrian Push Button, and two Static W11-2 signs with supplemental W16-7pL signs. This intersection connects New Brighton’s Eagles Nest Indoor Playground with a shopping mall, Veterans Park, an apartment complex, St. John the Baptist Church, and City Hall.

            view file

For more information contact:
Craig Schlichting (City staff)   |   craig.schlichting@newbrightonmn.gov   |   651-638-2056

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Date action report first entered:   04/02/2014

Implementation details:
During the 2013 Maple Street Reclamation project, we incorporated bump-outs, intersection markings, and narrower lane widths on the intersection of Maple Street and Sibley Street.

Outcome measures/metrics:
We have had positive public feedback regarding the changes to that intersection and will use this model moving forward on similar intersections.

            view file

For more information contact:
Beth Kallestad (City staff)   |   beth.kallestad@ci.northfield.mn.us   |   507-645-3074

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Red Wing

Date action report first entered:   01/30/2013

Implementation details:
The city received a MNDOT grant of $1.1 million to improve pedestrian intersections on Highway 61 in Downtown Red Wing. The project will begin construction in 2014.

For more information contact:
Paul Drotos (City staff)   |   paul.drotos@ci.red-wing.mn.us   |   651-410-6744

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Date action report first entered:   06/09/2011

Implementation details:
Rochester recently implemented traffic calming measures near two schools, Folwell and GAGE. They implemented speed bumps, extended crosswalks, medians.

Outcome measures/metrics:
They have dramatically decreased the average speed of the area, and also allows pedestrians to feel more comfortable crossing the streets.

For more information contact:
Charlie Reiter (City staff)   |   reiter.charlie@co.olmsted.mn.us   |   507-328-7136

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Saint Anthony

Date action report first entered:   05/05/2011

Implementation details:
The City of St. Anthony has implemented traffic calming on several of its major arteries as part of its street reconstruction program. These measure include: roadway bump-outs, narrower streets, and trees.

Outcome measures/metrics:
A reduction in pedestrian and vehicle conflicts.

For more information contact:
Jay Hartman (City staff)   |   jay.hartman@ci.saint-anthony.mn.us   |   612-782-3314

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Date action report first entered:   05/04/2014

Implementation details:
In 2013 the City reconstructed Red Fox Road, a small road with access to Target, existing retail stores, and a new Trader Joes grocery store and additional strip mall. The City's traffic calming improvements included: Striping of crosswalks to connect retail uses on both sides of Red Fox Road, encouraging walking between stores instead of driving. A shared middle turn lane was also added to keep the roadway narrow (instead of building out to 4 lanes wide). A new sidewalk was constructed along the North side of Red Fox Road (sidewalks on both sides of road now). Adding a concrete median at the intersection of Lexington Avenue to guide traffic with signage. Relocated and upgraded the traffic signal on the SE corner of the Red Fox Road and Lexington Avenue intersection.

Outcome measures/metrics:
The Shoreview Environmental Quality Committee and the Bike and Trails Committee are both supportive of these upgrades to offer pedestrians and trail/sidewalk users more access to the busiest area of Shoreview.

Descriptive links: Red Fox Road improvements

For more information contact:
Ellen Brenna (City staff)   |   ebrenna@shoreviewmn.gov   |   651-490-4665

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White Bear Lake

Date action report first entered:   03/25/2013

Implementation details:
Certain roads were built as curved roads - the City has repaved all of these roads, to make them straight, and has reclaimed a lot of paved area because of this.

For more information contact:
Connie Taillon (City staff)   |   ctaillon@whitebearlake.org   |   651-429-8564

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David Larson, Landscape Architect, Office of Environmental Stewardship, MN Dept. of Transportation: 651/366-4637, david.larson@state.mn.us, http://www.dot.state.mn.us/planning/completestreets