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GreenStep City Best Practices Buildings and Lighting

Efficient Existing Private Buildings
no. 2

Provide incentives for energy, water and sustainability improvements in existing buildings/building sites.
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(Action deleted on 05/02/2012)


Rochester pending

Date action report first entered:   07/26/2011

Implementation details:
RPU offers two types of financing for commercial customers: Energy Efficiency Financing and Green Financing. Energy Efficiency Financing is available for improvement projects that show a reduction in energy usage. Green Financing is available for costs to obtain a customers building certification in EnergyStar®, LEED® or Green Globes. All financing is based on available funds. Monthly payments for the financed amount are based on the total project amount: balances under $5,000 are limited to 12 months and balances over $5,001 are not to exceed 24 months. Maximum amount financed per project is $25,000. No interest fee is required on the payment. Payments are collected as part of the customers monthly utility bill. Ad administration fee in the form of a check payable to RPU will be collected when the paperwork is submitted.

For more information contact:
Tony Benson (City staff)   |   tbenson@rpu.org   |   507-280-1534

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Maplewood pending

Date action report first entered:   03/27/2012

Implementation details:
The city used the PACE program to help them purchase the solar cell arrays that have been installed on the community center and those that will be installed in front of city hall.

For more information contact:
Steve Lukin (City staff)   |   steve.lukin@maplewoodmn.gov   |   651-249-2802

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pending means a star rating has not yet been assigned to this city

greenstep advisor
Peter Lindstrom, Local Government Outreach Coordinator, Clean Energy Resource Teams: 612/625-9634, plindstr@umn.edu, http://tinyurl.com/PeterCERTS