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GreenStep City Best Practices Resilient Economic & Community Development

Business Synergies and EcoDistricts
no. 28

Network/cluster businesses and design neighborhoods to achieve better energy, social, economic and environmental outcomes.
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Document that at least one business/building uses waste heat or water discharge from another business.

Energy/water reuse includes: reuse of non-contact industrial cooling water; reuse of hot water from a laundromat by a nearby greenhouse; use of waste heat from a crematory to heat a nearby recreation center and its pool. Record projects under best practice action 20.6 where a city wastewater plant sells reclaimed water for nonpotable ag-processing, irrigation, cooling or power plant uses, or when the plant co-generates electricity and heat and sells it to businesses.
Describe how the city facilitated at least one such project.
Report how the city is, on an ongoing basis, helping businesses complete these reuse projects and how many completed projects exist.


Date action report first entered:   06/06/2012

Implementation details:
The City of Burnsville utilizes water pumped from Kramer Quarry for potable drinking water. The City coordinated efforts for joint powers agreement with the City of Savage and Kramer Quarry to use water that had been pumped from the quarry for dewatering to allow for limestone collection and to re-use the water for municipal drinking water supply. Reuse projects are possible because of the cities designation of a PUD zoning district that allows the necessary land uses and zoning clearances. Another reuse project is in operation between Waste Management and the City of Burnsville. Waste Management operates a plant that converts methane gas produced from the landfill into electrical energy and sells this to the electric utility.

For more information contact:
Sue Bast (City staff)   |   basts@ci.burnsville.mn.us   |   952-895-4524

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Grand Rapids

Date action report first entered:   01/03/2013

Implementation details:
In January 2012 the City of Grand Rapids began using waste water from paper production at the Blandin Paper Mill to heat the Grand Rapids Public Library. This was accompliched by construction a new building to house a wide gap plate heat exchanger which transfers the heat from the waste water to the glycol which circulates throught the library.This project has allowed us to reduce our natural gas cosumption by nearly 70&.The new building also has a living roof. Half of the new building also will house and education center which will be able to be monitored by anyone with access to the internet.Views can view the flow through the heat exchange from an ajorning viewing room. Those viewing the internet will be able to monitor the intire library heating system and actualy see how the system works. Internet users will also have access to the k-12 critea which will pose a question and answer specific to each grade. Solar and wind project will also be monitored in educational portion of this project.

Outcome measures/metrics:
70&natural gas reduction. Educational portion of project availabe for all to veiw via internet.

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Date action report first entered:   12/17/2017
Date of last report update:   12/17/2017
Action completed after joining GreenStep?   No

Implementation details:
The City's Wastewater Treatment Plant generates methane as part of the water treatment process. The methane gas is captured and returned to the boiler to heat the entire facility, including the tanks where methane is formed.

For more information contact:
Dan Mahli (City staff)   |   dan.mahli@cityofmoorhead.com   |   218-299-5314

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Cottage Grove

Date action report first entered:   01/31/2014

Implementation details:
Local business 3M uses the waste steam from their next door neighbor LS Power to heat parts of the plant and for other energy needs.

For more information contact:
Ryan Burfeind (City staff)   |   rburfeind@cottage-grove.org   |   651-458-2899

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Fergus Falls

Date action report first entered:   01/14/2016
Date of last report update:   01/14/2016

Implementation details:
The City Shop takes their used oil to create a floor heating source.

For more information contact:
Len Taylor (City staff)   |   len.taylor@ci.fergus-falls.mn.us   |   218-332-5418

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Date action report first entered:   04/05/2019
Date of last report update:   04/05/2019
Year action initially completed:   2018
Action completed after joining GreenStep?   Yes

Implementation details:
A local business in town, Rich Prairie Custom Woods, uses byproduct from Smude Oil as fuel to heat their building.

For more information contact:
Kari Tyson (City staff)   |   karit@pierzmn.org   |   320-468-6471

Smude Oil and Rich Prairie Custom Woods

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Red Wing

Date action report first entered:   01/30/2013

Implementation details:
S.B. Foot Tannery gets waste heat from the Incinerator next door.

For more information contact:
Paul Drotos (City staff)   |   paul.drotos@ci.red-wing.mn.us   |   651-410-6744

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pending means a star rating has not yet been assigned to this city

greenstep advisor
Angie Bourdaghs, Small Business Environmental Assistance Program, MN Pollution Control Agency: 651/757-2176, angela.bourdaghs@state.mn.us, http://www.pca.state.mn.us/sbeap