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GreenStep City Best Practices Buildings and Lighting

New Green Buildings
no. 3

Construct new buildings to meet or qualify under a green building framework.
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Work with the local school district to ensure that future new schools are built using the SB 2030 energy standard and/or a green building framework.

One or more school buildings exist that were built to a green building standard, or the school board passes a resolution to use a green building standard or certification or code but third-party verification not necessary.
The school board resolution requires that all buildings be certified or be rated under a green building framework; report a high anticipated percent of students who could walk/bike to school.
The school board resolution requires that all buildings meet the SB 2030 energy standard; that all buildings be certified or be rated at the highest level under a green building framework.


Date action report first entered:   05/08/2012

Implementation details:
Austin Public School District is building a new 5/6 Intermediate School that will be using green building standards (i.e. Energy Star rated appliances, daylight harvesting, occupancy sensors, thermal energy storage, etc.) *We are still in the design phase for this project but have had preliminary scope development conversations regarding green building standards. Building is scheduled to open in the fall of 2013

For more information contact:
Janet Anderson (Community volunteer)   |   janetanderson2840@gmail.com   |   5072190680

Austin Public Schools, City

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Date action report first entered:   03/30/2012

Implementation details:
The new Rosa Parks Elementary School located in Mankato was awarded LEED Gold status in January of 2012, under the direction of school district members. The school is the second building in south-central Minnesota to be LEED certified (the first being the Blue Earth County Justice Center).

Descriptive links: http://mankatofreepress.com/local/x1267396396/Rosa-Parks-certified-gold

For more information contact:
Molly Westman (City staff)   |   mwestman@mankatomn.gov   |   507-387-8571

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Date action report first entered:   07/26/2011

Implementation details:
While the most recently constructed school meets a green building standard, there is no firm policy in place applying to all new district buildings.

For more information contact:
Jeff Ellerbusch (City staff)   |   ellerbusch.jeff@CO.OLMSTED.MN.US   |   507-328-7132

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Fergus Falls pending

Date action report first entered:   01/14/2016
Date of last report update:   01/14/2016

Implementation details:
The City of Fergus Falls has recently completed the design development phase for a renovated/new construction project at our Public Library. The city and BTR has reviewed the design to incorporate green building framework standards.

For more information contact:
Len Taylor (City staff)   |   len.taylor@ci.fergus-falls.mn.us   |   218-332-5418

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pending means a star rating has not yet been assigned to this city

greenstep advisor
Laura Millberg, MBA, LEED AP BD+C, Sustainable Development and Climate Resilience Principal Planner, MN Pollution Control Agency: 651/757-2568, laura.millberg@state.mn.us, http://www.pca.state.mn.us/yhiz6ef