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GreenStep City Best Practices Land Use

Mixed Uses
no. 8

Develop efficient land patterns that generate community health and wealth.
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Modify a planned unit development ordinance to emphasize mixed use development or to limit residential PUDs to areas adjacent to commercial development.

  • The Planned Unit Development Ordinance from the 2009 Minnesota Model Ordinances for Sustainable Development provides guidance for emphasizing mixed use and residential-commercial adjacency. Some cities also incorporate a menu of community benefit requirements (via "amenity points"): a list of development flexibility options from which a PUD applicant can select. Each community benefit is assigned points, and the applicant must achieve a sufficient number of points in order to be considered for flexibility on zoning conditions. The menu of benefits includes a variety of sustainability options such as electric vehicle charging station requirements in large commercial or mixed-use developments (Golden Valley: 2017), green building certification, on-site renewable energy, geothermal-based HVAC systems, energy efficiency higher than the state building code, bicycle and transit amenities, use of car sharing programs for residents/businesses.
  • The American Planning Association published a 2007 inexpensive guide to Planned Unit Developments that offers ordinance examples and addresses legal and statutory issues.
Ordinance allows mixed uses.
Ordinance: requires residential-only PUDs to be adjacent to commercial development or to be served by frequent transit; encourages EV charging stations.
Ordinance: requires a mix of uses; requires installation of EV charging stations.


Date action report first entered:   05/04/2012

Implementation details:
Burnsville allows for mixed development in its Public Utility District, Heart of the City District, MIX district and R3c District. The MIX district requires mixed uses.

For more information contact:
Sue Bast (City staff)   |   basts@ci.burnsville.mn.us   |   952-895-4524

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Date action report first entered:   02/14/2014

Implementation details:
The Tartan Crossing PUD provides for a compact, walkable, mixed-use development along a key corridor and gateway of Oakdale. Tartan Crossing was formerly a blighted, mostly abandoned shopping mall which was purchased and demolished by the city in 2011 to make room for this mixed use PUD area. The focus of the area is a mix of residential, commercial, and retail uses. The 92-unit Waters of Oakdale senior living facility began construction in 2013, and the city is actively pursuing a mix of commercial and retail uses to fill out the remainder of the site.

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For more information contact:
Jen Hassebroek (City staff)   |   jen.hassebroek@ci.oakdale.mn.us   |   651-730-2723

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Date action report first entered:   04/23/2013

Implementation details:
Identified in the City Code and also on the adopted Zoning Map, the MX “Mixed Use” District is specifically designed to fully utilize the potential of the PUD as it pertains to mixed-use development. Under Purpose and Scope, it states: “Through the planned unit development conditional use permit process, provide for a mix of complementary and supportive land uses within the project area” (Section 24-147, paragraph a.1)

For more information contact:
Mark Huonder (City staff)   |   mhuonder@ci.woodbury.mn.us   |   651-714-3535

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Coon Rapids

Date action report first entered:   11/26/2014
Date of last report update:   11/26/2014

Implementation details:
As part of Coon Rapids' Special District ordinances, Port Districts are defined. Port or Port District is a defined zoning district created to encourage development or redevelopment based on a defined theme. Section 11-903 includes Port Districts to promote unified development and revitalization of designated areas. This includes mixed use development, unifying urban design themes, higher-density residential developments around commercial, historical and recreational land use and innovative designs. This is also part of the Coon Rapids Blvd Framework Plan

Descriptive links: http://www.coonrapidsmn.gov/citycode/11-0900.pdf

For more information contact:
Colleen Sinclair (City staff)   |   csinclair@coonrapidsmn.gov   |   763-767-6485

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Date action report first entered:   02/19/2016
Date of last report update:   02/19/2019
Action completed after joining GreenStep?   No

Implementation details:
The City's PUD regulations in the Zoning Code allow mixed uses. All residential PUDs are adjacent to commercial and transit nodes. Although the PUD regulations do not specifically require adjacency, for a development to be consistent with the Comp Plan, it must comply.

For more information contact:
Melissa Poehlman (City staff)   |   MPoehlman@richfieldmn.gov   |   6128619766

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Apple Valley

Date action report first entered:   03/19/2012

Implementation details:
The Central Village is a Planned Development district that incorporates both vertical and horizontal mix of uses.

For more information contact:
Charless Grawe (City staff)   |   CGrawe@ci.apple-valley.mn.us   |   952-953-2508

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Date action report first entered:   04/03/2012

Implementation details:
Currently have adopted PUD ordinance which provides this.

For more information contact:
Janet Anderson (Community volunteer)   |   janetanderson2840@gmail.com   |   5072190680

Craig Hoium

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Date action report first entered:   10/29/2012
Date of last report update:   05/01/2015

Implementation details:
Bemidji has specific procedures for PUDs and CICs that emphasize mixed-use development. For example, on page XI-6 of section 1103D, the code specifies that "developers are encouraged to provide a mixed use, residential and commercial, development when replacing former high density, industrial and commercial uses." To see the full plan, click on the jpb's website above then click the left-hand tab "Ordinances, Maps & Agreements," the link to the most recent plan should be highlighted from there. 5/1/15: Lake Bemidji South Shore Development, General Planned Unit Development project: Adopted November 6, 2009. PUD guidelines available through City Hall.

Descriptive links: http://www.jpbgba.org/

For more information contact:
Michelle Miller (City staff)   |   michelle.miller@ci.bemidji.mn.us   |   218-759-3561

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Date action report first entered:   12/18/2014
Date of last report update:   01/12/2015

Implementation details:
Section 515.57 of the Crystal Zoning Ordinance allows Planned Developments for energy conservation, efficient building design and siting, and a mixture of uses.

Descriptive links: http://www.crystalmn.gov/docs/Crystal_Zoning_Code_recodfied_2012_10_22_2013__2_.pdf

For more information contact:
Anne Norris (City staff)   |   Anne.Norris@crystalmn.gov   |   763-531-1140

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Date action report first entered:   11/01/2016
Date of last report update:   01/17/2017
Year action initially completed:   2010

Implementation details:
PUDs can be used for mixed use development.

For more information contact:
Adam Fulton (City staff)   |   afulton@hermantownmn.com   |   218-729-3618

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Date action report first entered:   05/02/2012

Implementation details:
Edina has a PUD ordinance in City Code 850.05 to allow flexibility from standard zoning in exchange for strengthened City control over development. Edina also has Mixed Development Districts defined in City Code 850.14.

For more information contact:
Carry Teague (City staff)   |   CTeague@ci.Edina.MN.US   |   (952) 826-0460

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Elk River

Date action report first entered:   11/24/2010

Implementation details:
This is described in Section 30-1584 in the Municipal City Code. The purpose of the mixed use Elk River Plaza district is to codify the planned unit development into a single zoning district with three subsections: Commercial, single-family, and multiple-family.

Descriptive links: http://library.municode.com/HTML/13427/level2/COOR_CH30LADERE.html#TOPTITLE

For more information contact:
Amanda Bednar (City staff)   |   ABednar@ElkRiverMN.gov   |   763-635-1068

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Fergus Falls

Date action report first entered:   01/14/2016
Date of last report update:   01/14/2016

Implementation details:
The current Planned Unit of Development allows for more mixed used development.

For more information contact:
Len Taylor (City staff)   |   len.taylor@ci.fergus-falls.mn.us   |   218-332-5418

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La Prairie

Date action report first entered:   04/14/2011

Implementation details:
Land Use: In 2010, we revised our zoning ordinances by having public hearings and changing ordinances to reflect a mixed land use. We re-drew our industrial,commercial and residential areas zone lines. We added in the geographic areas that represented a newly annexed part of the old Grand Rapids Township.

Outcome measures/metrics:
We have clearly defined areas for development of commercial and residential

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Date action report first entered:   04/28/2015
Date of last report update:   04/28/2015

Implementation details:
In 2013, the City updated its Planned Unit Development (PUD) ordinance. The original ordinance was typical in that it was geared towards the development of large parcels of land (minimum of two acres). As a fully developed City our challenges lie in allowing for the redevelopment of small parcels, especially commercial parcels. The ordinance revision allows the City Council to work with owners of challenging parcels of any size in a PUD format to achieve the best outcome for the owner and the City.

Descriptive links: http://www.ci.lauderdale.mn.us/vertical/sites/%7B5F73237E-9F78-407B-A785-DA0D9F5C945F%7D/uploads/10-07_PUD_Ordinance_as_adopted_042313.pdf

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Date action report first entered:   02/23/2011
Date of last report update:   05/01/2015

Implementation details:
Legacy Village in Maplewood is a planned unit development that emphasizes mixed use development. It is a residential planned unit development that is adjacent to commercial development. The Gladstone project is also a planned unit that will mix residential and commercial development areas. This development will meet the International Green Construction Code adopted by the city for both buildings as well as sites management. This includes energy, stormwater and water management, building envelopes, and indoor air quality. This unit will also be near trails as well as other transit opportunities. This area is a major target for the City's CIP.

For more information contact:
Michael Martin (City staff)   |   michael.martin@maplewoodmn.gov   |   651-249-2303

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Date action report first entered:   11/19/2013

Implementation details:
The City's PUD ordinance allows for mixed uses in addition to higher density uses.

Descriptive links: http://library.municode.com/HTML/13297/level3/PTIICOOR_CH86ZO_ARTVPLUNDE.html#TOPTITLE

For more information contact:
Glenn Olson (City staff)   |   Glenn.Olson@ci.marshall.mn.com   |   507-537-6773

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New Hope

Date action report first entered:   04/01/2015
Date of last report update:   11/19/2018
Action completed after joining GreenStep?   No

Implementation details:
The city's City Center zoning district was created in 2013. It encourages a mixture of residential, commercial, office, and civic uses in the City Center area to enhance its function as the heart of the community. It is designed to utilize the potential of the PUD as it pertains to mixed-use development.

Descriptive links: http://image.ci.new-hope.mn.us/WebLink8/DocView.aspx?id=38299&dbid=0

For more information contact:
Jeff Alger (City staff)   |   jalger@ci.new-hope.mn.us   |   763-531-5119

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Pine City

Date action report first entered:   04/11/2014
Date of last report update:   05/29/2015

Implementation details:
In 2006, the City adopted new ordinances allowing for Planned Unit Developments (PUDs). It allows an overlay of zoning to accommodate a mix of residential/commercial land uses.

Outcome measures/metrics:
Since the PUD ordinance has been in effect, there have been a total of eight PUDs in Pine City.

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For more information contact:
Andrew Mack, AICP (City staff)   |   Amack@pinecitygov.com   |   320-629-2575

Public, Developers and Ordinance Review Committee

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Red Wing

Date action report first entered:   01/30/2013

Implementation details:
In 2000 the city established a planned unit development section in it's zoning ordinance that allows for the establishment of mixed use developments. The city has also created some mixed use commectial zoning districts that allow for residential uses.

For more information contact:
Paul Drotos (City staff)   |   paul.drotos@ci.red-wing.mn.us   |   651-410-6744

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Date action report first entered:   06/14/2011

Implementation details:
Rochesters zoning ordinance provides incentives for mixed use development and for walkability and transit access.

For more information contact:
Jeff Ellerbusch (City staff)   |   ellerbusch.jeff@CO.OLMSTED.MN.US   |   507-328-7132

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Date action report first entered:   03/07/2012

Implementation details:
11-10-6: PLANNED UNIT DEVELOPMENTS (PUD): A. Purpose: The purpose of the planned unit development (PUD) district is to provide a district that will encourage the following: 1. Flexibility in land development and redevelopment in order to utilize new techniques of building design, construction and land development. 2. Provision of life cycle housing to all income and age groups. 3. Energy conservation through the use of more efficient building designs and sitings and the clustering of buildings and land uses. 4. Preservation of desirable site characteristics and open space and protection of sensitive environmental features, including, but not limited to, steep slopes, trees and poor spoils. 5. More efficient and effective use of land, open space and public facilities through mixing of land uses and assembly and development of land into larger parcels. 6. High quality of design and design compatible with surrounding land uses, including both existing and planned. 7. Sensitive development in transitional areas located between different land uses and along significant transportation or scenic corridors within the city. 8. Development that is consistent with the comprehensive plan.

Descriptive links: http://tinyurl.com/7d5c9xk

For more information contact:
Anthony Nemcek (City staff)   |   anthony.nemcek@ci.rosemount.mn.us   |   651-322-2090

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Saint Anthony

Date action report first entered:   05/05/2011

Implementation details:
The Apache Plaza Mall redevelopment encorporated multiple land uses into a PUD process.

For more information contact:
Jay Hartman (City staff)   |   jay.hartman@ci.saint-anthony.mn.us   |   612-782-3314

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Saint Cloud

Date action report first entered:   05/10/2011

Implementation details:
Article 11.2 of the St. Cloud Land Development Code identifies the purpose, standards and procedures for Planned Unit Development (PUD) Districts with the City of St. Cloud. The PUD District provides a mechanism for development that would otherwise not be allowable within a given zoning district by allowing exceptions to bulk, setback, parking, landscaping, loading and sign regulations. In addition, the PUD District is also set up to encourage flexibility in the development of the land by allowing mixed-use development to occur that would otherwise not be allowed using strict residential, commercial or industrial zoning classifications.

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For more information contact:
Liz Kramer (City staff)   |   elizabeth.kramer@ci.stcloud.mn.us   |   320-255-7226

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Date action report first entered:   02/20/2015
Date of last report update:   02/23/2015

Implementation details:
Title 10 Chapter 5 identifies and lays out the purpose and intent of PUD's in Sartell. There is the Residential PUD and the Multiple-Use PUD. The PUD allows the city to be more flexible and allow mixed-uses in areas where otherwise it would not be allowable. This district allows for a more flexible regulatory process as compared to standard regulations which are common in traditional zoning districts. The PUD is a joint design process between developers and City officials rather then the city establishing maximum limits for developers. Overall the PUD seeks to promote mixed uses, preserve natural features, conserve open and recreational space, and create an efficient use of land.

            view file

For more information contact:
Nate Keller (City staff)   |   nate.keller@sartellmn.com   |   320-258-7316

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Two Harbors

Date action report first entered:   04/07/2015
Date of last report update:   04/16/2015

Implementation details:
The city has a Planned Unit Development (PUD) ordinance in place to emphasize mixed use development. A Planned Unit Development ordinance is a type of building development and a regulatory process. It allows uses such as housing, commercial centers, or industrial parks to be in one development or area.

For more information contact:
Josh Bergstad (City staff)   |   jbergstad@ardc.org   |   218-834-8803

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Date action report first entered:   04/23/2015
Date of last report update:   05/01/2015

Implementation details:
The city allows Mixed Use housing, as stated in the PUD link provided. Each residential PUD, or the residential portion of each mixed-use PUD, shall have a density within the range specified in the comprehensive plan for the PUD site

Descriptive links: http://www.ci.victoria.mn.us/DocumentCenter/View/578

For more information contact:
Madison Fox-Christensen (City staff)   |   mfoxchristensen@ci.victoria.mn.us   |   952-443-4219

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