Bank of America Charitable Foundation RFP due 6/25

Economic mobility focused on the needs of the community

Affordable Housing
The current health and humanitarian crisis has underscored the importance of safe, decent housing for an individual’s overall well-being, including health, educational success and future employment opportunities. That’s why we support the work of organizations working to preserve, and increase access to a mix of affordable housing options.

Small Business
Small businesses play an important role in the overall health of our nation’s economy. In response to the challenges many small businesses continue to face due to coronavirus, we’re supporting nonprofits that are assisting minority and indigenous entrepreneurs as they focus on short-term needs and build for long-term recovery.

Neighborhood Revitalization
Vibrant communities are places where individuals can thrive and succeed and have the opportunity to live and work with safe, decent housing, transportation to jobs, strong business corridors and thriving arts and culture districts. We support local and regional revitalization efforts, taking a holistic approach to building inclusive communities.

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