NEW: Addressing the Sustainability Gap in the Development Process

NEW guidance available from RETAP consultant, Michael Orange and GreenStep Cities! 

Empower your environmental/sustainability committees to be more effective at making your city more sustainable, resilient, and equitable by advocating for an environmental focus throughout the city’s development review process by using the Addressing the Sustainability Gap in the Development Review Process. Also find it as an implementation tool under BPA 24.1.

The guide has 8 main sections:

  • climate change future - a call to action
  • the third “E” in Sustainability - equity, and climate refugees
  • environmental advocacy and the development review process
  • Minnesota programs for local governments
  • municipal development code
  • case study: site plan for a laundry mat
  • case study: environmental review of a shopping center expansion project 
  • resources 

Access the GreenStep Cities Workshop Archive to view the Oct. 20 Workshop: How City Commissions can Advance Sustainability