Lawns to Legumes Demo Neighborhoods Grants - Due 2/3

Demonstration Neighborhoods are community projects intended to enhance pollinator habitat in key corridors, raise awareness for residential pollinator protection, and showcase best practices. Organizations overseeing a demonstration neighborhood work with local residents to install four types of beneficial planting practices: native pocket plantings, pollinator beneficial trees and shrubs, pollinators lawns and pollinator meadows. Interested organizations can apply on behalf of their organization or on behalf of a group of partners who plan to work together to establish a demonstration neighborhood.

Applications due: February 3, 2022

Eligible Applicants: Cities, Counties, Tribal Governments, Watershed Districts, Soil and Water Conservation Districts, and non-governmental organizations
Eligible activities include: 

  • project and plan development 
  • site preparation, planting, and management costs (tilling, burning, sod removal, temporary weed
    barriers, containerized plants, seeding, inter-seeding, weed removal, etc.)
  • tool purchases (hand sod kicker, hand shovels, hand rakes, hand trowels, watering tree gator)
  • non-herbicide methods of site preparation and management preferred
  • flowering trees and shrubs; native plants

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