Adaptation Planning and Practices Courses - Jan to May 2022

The Adaptation Planning and Practices (APP) training helps natural resource managers prepare for and adapt to climate change in planning, using real-world on-the-ground projects to create custom climate adaptation plans.  

The Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science (NIACS), in collaboration with the USDA Northern Forests Climate Hub, and several regional partners, now offers an online climate adaptation training course using the APP training process and the Adaptation Workbook online tool.

Through this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify climate change impacts that pose the greatest challenges and opportunities for their project area or ecosystem
  • Describe whether and how management may need to be adjusted in light of climate change
  • Develop specific actions to help ecosystems adapt to changing conditions, and connect action plans with broader climate adaptation concepts and strategies
  • Use the Adaptation Workbook to create their own “climate-informed” project plan
  • Better communicate with stakeholders on key climate change vulnerabilities relevant to their region
  • Access support from NIACS during project planning and implementation

Use the Adaptation Workbook to create a customized adaptation plan that reflects your values, goals, and unique adaptation responses. Browse a library of Adaptation Demonstration projects that have used the Adaptation Workbook online.