Clean Water Act 50th Anniversary toolkit

MPCA celebrates the role communities have in water quality. Toolkit available to help spread the message

In continued celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Clean Water Act, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has created a special set of tools for cities and counties to use in explaining their critical role through wastewater treatment and stormwater collection in preserving and protecting water quality.

Visit the MPCA’s Clean Water Act anniversary page to download promotional tools for use in your communications throughout the year to showcase your role with clean water and the importance of the Clean Water Act.

Resources for wastewater treatment facilities

  • The wastewater process. Download a WW treatment visualization for posters, web banners, newsletter articles, social media graphics and more (see graphic above).
  • Wastewater through history. Another graphic for promotional and educational use.
  • What not to flush toolkit. Use our existing what not to flush toolkit to set up a special web page or make a flyer regarding what not to flush, or include this information in your statements to residents. Here’s a good example from the Metropolitan Council.