Webinar: The Value of Natural Climate Solutions in MN - 3/21

MCAP Adaptation in Action Webinar: The Value of Natural Climate Solutions in Minnesota

March 21, 12 PM CT, Zoom

Meredith Cornett and Sachi Graber from the Nature Conservancy, and Erin Mackey from Earth Economics will present on a new study completed by Earth Economics for The Nature Conservancy in Minnesota that shows how investing in natural climate solutions pays big economic benefits in addition to producing valuable ecosystem services, such as building rich soil, filtering and storing water and providing habitat for fish and wildlife—that support our society and are vital to life. Natural climate solutions generate a great return on investment, yielding more than $8.00 in public benefit for every $1.00 spent.

Please join us to learn more about the ways in which fully investing in Natural Climate Solutions can benefit all Minnesotans. 

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