Webinars: Climate Planning Grants - 3/22 & 3/23

This month, the EPA announced a new Climate Pollution Reduction Grants program to provide states, local governments, and tribal nations with resources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful air pollution. 

The MPCA will host two webinars on Wednesday, March 22 from 11 a.m. to noon and Thursday, March 23 from noon to 1 p.m. to share more details on the federal program and how the state will partner with local governments in Minnesota to secure these funds.

Join the webinar

This webinar will include: 

  • A brief overview of the Climate Pollution Reduction Grants planning process. 
  • An explanation of the state's role in this process and what we know about how local governments can be eligible for implementation funds. 
  • An initial discussion of high priority actions to reduce climate pollution, what you need to be ready to apply for implementation funds, and ways we can collaborate across levels of government on this program. 

The Climate Pollution Reduction Grants program is an investment of $5 billion to develop and implement strong, local greenhouse gas reduction strategies. This two-stage grant program provides funding of $250 million for noncompetitive planning grants, and $4.6 billion for competitive implementation grants.

For more information, check out this webpage or contact MPCA climate and energy coordinator Faith Krogstad at faith.krogstad@state.mn.us with questions.