Smart Salting Trainings - Sep. & Oct.

Smart Salting Trainings provide an opportunity to learn practices that save money, improve efficiency, and reduce salt use without reducing safety. The Smart Salting calendar has many options for certification trainings and refreshers this fall. Also, there are new refresher training topics that meet MS4 annual chloride training requirements. If you don’t see what you are looking for or are interested in hosting a training for your crew, contact:

For winter maintenance leadership, managers & supervisors, MS4 permittees, business owners and other lead staff:

Smart Salting tool (SSt) Certification training – Level 2 (for organizations) *with a brief overview of the new Source Assessment feature!

Participants learn to best use the web-based Smart Salting tool (SSt) and the steps to obtain Level 2 certification for their organization. The SSt for Road Maintenance provides the user a way to complete a detailed evaluation of their winter maintenance or dust suppressant practices and identify opportunities to improve practices that can save money and protect water resources. Also get a brief overview of our NEW Source Assessment feature to determine what your biggest chloride sources are and how to make targeted decisions to reduce chloride from those sources. Organizational 2 year certification.

  • Monday, August 21 (online) Register HERE

For hands-on winter maintenance staff & supervisors we suggest:

Watch the MPCA Smart Salting Training for Winter Maintenance Professionals video to hear from maintenance pros about how attending the Smart Salting Training provided the knowledge about how to use less salt and still offer a high level of service!

Smart Salting for Roads Certification – 5 year certification

  • Thursday, September 14 (online) Register HERE
  • Tuesday, September 19 (Minneapolis, MN) Register HERE
  • Tuesday, September 19 (Cottage Grove, MN) Register HERE
  • Thursday, October 19 (online) Register HERE

Smart Salting for Parking Lots & Sidewalks Certification – 5 year certification

  • Thursday, September 28 (online) Register HERE
  • Tuesday, October 10 (Minneapolis, MN) Register HERE
  • Wednesday, October 25 (Rosemount, MN) Register HERE
  • Thursday, October 26 (online) Register HERE
  • Wednesday, November 1 (Chanhassen, MN) Register HERE

Smart Salting Refreshers: Available to those that have a current Smart Salting Certification and would like a more detailed information about aspects of winter maintenance to help optimize service and reducing salt use.

Weather for Winter Maintenance Refresher

Learn about a variety of winter weather prediction tools and how to use the information for improved maintenance.

  • Tuesday, September 12 (online) Register HERE

NEW! Smart Salting Refresher: Salt & Snow Storage

Look at best practices of granular and liquid salt storage as well as snow storage, with an emphasis on MS4 permit requirements.

  • Tuesday, September 26 (online) Register HERE

Smart Salting Refresher: 101

Overview of the Smart Salting Level 1 courses with a focus on municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) requirement and additional resources.  Appropriate for roads/parking lots/sidewalk winter maintenance.

  • Tuesday, October 3 (online) Register HERE

NEW! Smart Salting Refresher: Liquid Deicer

Provides a closer look at liquids application, conditions, equipment maintenance, brine making and storage that provide winter maintenance crew a basis to understand benefits, troubleshoot issues and find opportunities for expansion of liquids.

  • Tuesday, November 28 (online) Register HERE

For property managers, environmental professionals and advocates, business owners, MS4 and Wastewater permit staff we offer: 

Smart Salting for Property Management Certification – 3 year certificaiton

  • Tuesday, August 29 (online) Register HERE
  • Wednesday, October 11 (online) Register HERE
  • Tuesday, November 14 (online) Register HERE

To learn more about what this training offers watch our MPCA Smart Salting training for property management video.

Find many more upcoming classes and register on the MPCA's Smart Salting Training Calendar.

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