Building Resilient Infrastructure & Communities Grants - Due 2/29

Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) supports states, local communities, tribes and territories as they undertake hazard mitigation projects, reducing the risks they face from disasters and natural hazards.

The program’s guiding principles are supporting communities through capability- and capacity-building; encouraging and enabling innovation; promoting partnerships; enabling large infrastructure projects; maintaining flexibility; and providing consistency.

Fiscal Year 2023 Funding Opportunities for the BRIC and Flood Mitigation Assistance Grant Programs

On Oct. 12, 2023, FEMA published the fiscal year 2023 funding opportunities for the Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities and the Flood Mitigation Assistance grant programs, totaling $1.8 billion.

For this grant application cycle, BRIC’s available funding is $1 billion, and for Flood Mitigation Assistance, the available funding is $800 million. These funds will help state, local, tribal and territorial governments address high-level future risks to natural disasters, foster greater community resilience and reduce disaster suffering.