Rosemount Energy Actions

This August 22, 2019 article details residential work propelled by an Energy Action Plan funded in part by Xcel Energy, resulting in a 12 percent increase in residential electricity savings compared to 2018, due in part to 371 new participants in Xcel Energy residential energy programs. Also, a group of volunteers visited area businesses and 37 signed up for energy assessments. The estimate is that Rosemount businesses have saved 1.6 million kilowatt-hours in a year through these efforts, 

This September 6, 2019 article by the mayor reports that 70 percent of city operations' electricity comes from community solar gardens, and that as part of the current Partners in Energy (PIE) program, the city expects residents and business owners will save $1 million on energy costs over the next three years. The PIE goal is to reduce Rosemount’s energy consumption 5 percent by next year and 15 percent by 2030.