TA to Cut Nitrogen/Phosphorous Loading in Wastewater

Curb wastewater nutrient challenges: Upstream nutrient source reduction assistance

Is your community facing challenges with Nitrogen or Phosphorous loading in wastewater? Is your business facing pressure from the treatment facility to get a handle on wastewater releases? The Minnesota Technical Assistance Program (MnTAP) has demonstrated that source reduction assistance can improve a wastewater facility’s ability to meet effluent targets while enhancing business operations through expanded capacity, improved quality and reduced cost. In January 2020 MnTAP has launched a project geared towards working with facilities upstream of wastewater treatment plants to help them better-manage wastewater effluent.

Through this project, MnTAP staff and interns can help identify strategies for upstream nutrient reduction, which can:

• Decrease load to local wastewater treatment ponds and plants

• Reduce the burden on our local bodies of water and wildlife

• Minimize pressure and costs for businesses that discharge wastewater

If your community, wastewater treatment plant and/or business could benefit from no-cost assistance with wastewater nutrient management, contact Matt Domski – mdomski@umn.edu 612-624-5119 or Daniel Chang – dwchang@umn.edu 612-624-0808.