GreenStep Municipal Stormwater Management Assessment LIVE

This assessment is built upon and replaces Friends of the Mississippi River's Blue Star Award Program. City coordinators received a Snap Survey link Feb. 3.

Your answers to 45 questions assess the degree to which your city is taking both simple and innovative actions to improve stormwater management, improve water quality, and adapt to climate changes in Minnesota. Questions in this Snap Survey cover broad green infrastructure areas that are generally not covered by government regulatory programs. After completing the assessment,, a score between 1 and 100 percent will be immediately reported to you online. A second score, based on your answers to 23 questions related to resilience to climate change, will also be reported.

Taking this assessment and receiving a score can be used in several ways:
(1) To quickly learn about a wide range of stormwater management options, via the questions and associated informational links to the MPCA’s Stormwater Manual site
(2) To see Minnesota cities' collective stormwater management efforts (data visualization of all anonymous answers will be available in late summer 2020)
(3) To gather a baseline measure of actions, and to compare that to a subsequent year (which could be 2 or 3 years later) when you retake the assessment
(4) To report your score, and subsequent improvement, to community members and to your city council
(5) To claim credit for the GreenStep best practice # 17, under BP action 17.2
(6) To claim credit for GreenStep Metric # 9, which is required for recognition at Step 4 and Step 5 in the GreenStep Cities program. Metric # 9 has two data elements, which are calculated for you after you complete this Assessment: the Stormwater Assessment Score based on all 45 questions, and the Climate Adaptation Stormwater Score, based on 23 questions.