Best Practice Action Detail

Best Practice Action 8.4

GreenStep City Best Practices Land Use
Mixed Uses No. 8

Develop efficient land patterns that generate community health and wealth.

Best Practice Action 4

Report that a (re)development meets a city/community-determined minimum point threshold under the Equitable Development Scorecard or LEED-ND (Neighborhood Development).

1 star Report what percentage of your city is covered by 15-minute neighborhoods; report credits achieved by the development under the LEED-ND program (ideally including housing for different incomes and different stages of life); use a city staff or community process to predetermine high, medium and low score ranges on the Equitable Development Scorecard and report the score achieved by the development.
2 star Certify the new development under the LEED-ND program.
3 star Certify the development under the Living Community Challenge, EcoDistricts Protocol or RELi resilience standard.