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  • Businesses - actions for engaging with green businesses and supporting sustainable economic development in your community. 
  • City/Tribal operations - actions that relate to internal staff operations at public facilities, with vehicle fleets, etc. 
  • City/Tribal purchasing - actions that relate to internal purchases for governmental operations.
  • Climate actions - short-term - actions that communities can take within 5 years to combat and prepare for climate change. 
  • Climate adaptation & resiliency - actions that prepare communities for increasingly intense climatic events (localized flooding, increased temperatures, pressure on resources, etc.) and ensure their ability to bounce back quickly.
  • Climate education & engagement - actions that promote community education, engagement, and involvement with city-scale climate planning and action.
  • Climate mitigation - actions that are directly related to a decrease in local carbon emissions. 
  • Climate policy & programs - actions that communities can take to combat climate change through public policies and programs.  
  • Compost - actions that relate to back-yard or commercial organics recycling and composting. 
  • Efficiency - actions that improve efficiency throughout community activities, reducing emissions and wastes by optimizing systems to achieve greater productivity.
  • Electric vehicles - actions that relate to electric vehicle charging infrastructure, city/tribal fleets, and public education. 
  • Employee engagement - actions that engage city/tribal staff and/or elected officials on sustainability efforts. 
  • Green infrastructure - actions that incorporates both the natural environment and engineered systems to provide clean water, conserve ecosystem values and functions, and provide a wide array of benefits to people and wildlife.
  • Ordinances - actions related to the adoption of city ordinances
  • Pollinators - actions related to pollinator protection, native and pollinator-friendly vegetation, and bee-keeping. 
  • Public education - actions that promote community education of sustainability topics. 
  • Public engagement - actions that promote community engagement and interaction with city/tribal sustainability efforts. 
  • Public health - actions that address and improve individual and community health through clean air/water/land, public safety, and active living.
  • Schools - actions that partner with schools to create safe and healthy spaces for students and the community. 
  • Solar - actions related to solar PV/thermal/hot water/battery permitting, installation, and purchasing. 
  • Water conservation - actions related to reduce potable water use. 
  • Water quality - actions related to monitoring and improving the quality of surface and ground water.