Cities working to implement GreenStep best practices can call on GreenStep advisors, and representatives of the GreenStep partnership. In addition, contact the GreenStep coordinator using the contact information below to:

  • Ask questions to better understand the GreenStep Cities program

  • Clarify where to find different types of resources on the web site
  • Request a person in one of the CERTs regions to visit your city
  • Ask for help in connecting students to needed work in GreenStep cities
  • Find out more about RETAP consulting time available to your city, and about applying in winter for a GreenCorps member
  • E-mail your city contact information after passing a city council resolution to join the GreenStep program
  • Get help reporting your accomplishments online
  • Request help as you work on the GreenStep Stormwater Assessment and Step 4/5 Metrics
  • Order GreenStep road signs.
  • Make suggestions for improving the GreenStep program
  • Attend a meeting of the GreenStep partners
  • Report errors on the web site, suggest new resources, and identify broken web links [note: every link is checked every 8 months]

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Who can help? Talk to best practice advisors.

For general questions related to the GreenStep programs, email us at


Kristin M

Kristin Mroz
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
520 Lafayette Rd. N., 2nd Floor
St. Paul, MN 55155-4194

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with a degree in Natural Resource Management, Kristin provided environmental education in Nicaragua as a Peace Corps volunteer before working as the Environmental Coordinator at the City of Elk River and the Local Government Coordinator (and GreenStep Cities co-director) at the Environmental Quality Board. Today, Kristin is the GreenStep Cities and Tribal Nations Coordinator with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA), supporting Minnesota communities with assistance and recognition in the GreenStep program. Kristin is also a member of the GreenStep Schools (K-12) steering committee and is co-chair of the Sustainable States Network

Lola Shoenrich

Lola Schoenrich
Great Plains Institute
2801 21st Ave S., Suite 220
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Lola is the vice president of communities at the Great Plains Institute (GPI), working on sustainable communities and energy efficiency, providing strategic direction, fundraising, and facilitation. Lola has over 35 years of experience in energy policy and community energy initiatives. She has extensive background in bringing diverse groups of people together to craft energy policy and implement projects in networks, coalitions, and working teams. For example, she was one of the founders of the Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs) and of the GreenStep Cities program. She is one of the founders of the Sustainable States Network, of which GreenStep Cities is a partner, and has managed the network since 2019. Previous to joining GPI, she was the Energy Program Director at the Minnesota Project, where she led the energy policy and coalition work and numerous other projects, including community sustainability, waste management, recycling, household hazardous waste management and waste reduction. Previous to her work with the Minnesota Project, she was the Executive Director of the Self-Reliance Center (now the Sustainable Resources Center), running community-based energy efficiency and conservation programs in Minneapolis neighborhoods. Lola has a BA in biology from Hampshire College.

Emily Hartwell

Emily Hartwell
Minnesota GreenCorps Member

Emily is the GreenCorps member serving the GreenStep Cities program for the 2021-2022 service year. She graduated from North Dakota State University with a degree in Natural Resources Management with a focus in biotic resources. She has a background in youth education and environmental outreach. Her service project is supporting the tools and resources GreenStep communities need to be more 'climate-smart'.