Step 1

Ready to get started with GreenStep? Join over 140 communities who have committed to taking steps to achieve their sustainability and quality-of-life goals. 

Build community knowledge and interest.

Gather the details.

  • Determine your City Category. Cities and tribal nations with greater capacity for making civic improvements are able and challenged to implement more best practices and actions. Answer 11 simple questions to determine whether your community is in category A (largest), B, or C (smallest). 
  • Become familiar with GreenStep best practices and how communities are reporting actions.
  • Inventory your completed, planned, and desired best practice actions. You may find it helpful to prepare this inventory before seeking a council resolution.

Pass a Council Resolution. 

  • Use the sample resolution and modify it as needed in discussion with council members or in a council committee meeting.
  • Introduce the resolution to your city or tribal council. Invite a GreenStep program representative to present or answer any questions. 
  • Designate a GreenStep Coordinator in your resolution, or direct city staff to designate a coordinator later. The coordinator could be an existing staff person, an elected official, or community member. The coordinator will be tasked with posting initial background information on the GreenStep Cities website as well as educating other staff, public officials, and the community about the GreenStep program.
  • Email your resolution and contact information to GreenStep staff. This will allow us to set up a web account on the GreenStep website for your community.


Congratulations! Your city is now at Step 1. Formal recognition will take place at the next June GreenStep celebration event at the League of Minnesota Cities conference. Use Step 1 recognition artwork/materials located in your GreenStep account.