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Best Practice Action 28.1

GreenStep City Best Practices Resilient Economic and Community Development
Business Synergies and EcoDistricts No. 28

Network/cluster businesses and design neighborhoods and developments to achieve better energy, social, economic and environmental outcomes in service of a more circular economy.  

Best Practice Action 1

Help businesses register as users of the Minnesota Materials Exchange and document their exchanges/sales of byproducts with other local/regional businesses.

  • The Minnesota Materials Exchange is a free service that links organizations that have reusable goods they no longer need to those who can use them, at no or low cost. This business reuse network helps prevent usable materials from becoming waste and saves users money.
  • See also GreenStep action 25.2 business assistance resources
1 star Identify at least three businesses registered as users.
2 star Document exchanges/sales.
3 star Proactively help additional businesses register as users and document their exchanges/sales.

Who's doing it

Grand Rapids - Pending
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Implementation details:
In Januar 2010 the Grand Rapids Public Library began using waste water from the Blandin Paper Mill to heat the entire Libray. This was accomplished by installing a plate heat exchanger which transfers the heat from the waste water to the glycol which circulates through the Library.
Outcome measures/metrics:
Expectations were that we would see a 30% reduction. We are currently seeing a 50% reductions.
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For more information contact:
Julie Kennedy (City staff) | | 218-326-7024