Climate Impact Corps - Open until filled

Program Overview
Climate Impact Corps is a partnership between Ampact, Serve Minnesota, and non-profit organizations 
or governmental agencies with the purpose of using evidence-based strategies and the power of 
national service to help communities mitigate and prepare for climate change. Climate Impact Corps 
members support climate-related projects at their sites that align with the goals of the Minnesota Climate 
Action Framework or a tribal government climate action goal. Members accomplish this by providing the 
capacity-building services outlined below. For more detailed information and examples, please review 
this additional document of Climate Impact Corps Definitions and Examples.

  • Community Engagement, Outreach, and Communications - Activities include outreach, 
    communication, or engagement with the community to guide long-term outcomes, 
    programming, or decision-making. “Community” could refer to stakeholders within a given 
    geographic location or those that share a similar interest.
  • Data Collection, Research, and Analysis - Activities include gathering data via surveys, 
    observations, or interviews, examining, cleaning, or analyzing raw quantitative or qualitative data 
    to identify patterns, trends, and insights, design or implementation of research questions and 
    evaluation designs, and/or writing literature reviews and research briefs.
  • Process Improvement - Activities include analysis or modification of workflows, procedures, or 
    methodologies to improve organizational efficiency or quality of programming. Process 
    Improvement activities nearly always focus on internal processes and procedures.
  • Volunteer Management and Mobilization- Activities include projects to create meaningful 
    volunteer opportunities, engage and recruit volunteers, and/or effectively manage and retain 
  • Workforce Development- Activities include projects to enhance the skills and knowledge of the 
    workforce, strengthen opportunities for people to enter the workforce, or improve opportunities for 
    advancement within the workforce.
  • Coordination of Site-Specific Projects Related to Needs of the Community and Sector- Activities 
    include projects to enhance direct services or programs provided to the community. The nature of 
    projects in this category might vary widely, but generally increases the volume of direct services to 
    the community (e.g., trees planted, resources distributed, people reached). 

Prospective sites are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Climate Impact Corps site applications are accepted on a rolling basis and award notifications are sent via email. 

More Information:

Need more information? Check out the Guide to Partnering with Climate Impact Corps. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions about our programs or application process.