Workforce Housing Development Program - Apply by 4/30

Minnesota Housing is pleased to announce the availability of up to $39 million in Workforce Housing Development Program (WHDP) deferred funding, which is all the funding available for 2023/2024 for the WHDP. Funds are available to build market rate residential rental properties in communities with proven job growth and demand for workforce rental housing. Communities are required to secure funds that match one dollar for every two dollars in funding offered through the WHDP.  These funds will be administered through a competitive Request for Proposals (RFP) process and application materials are now available.

Applications are due Tuesday April 30, 2024


Eligible Recipients

  • A home rule charter or statutory city with a population exceeding 500 located outside of a Metropolitan County.
  • A community that has a combined population of 1,500 residents located within 15 miles of a home rule charter or statutory city located outside a Metropolitan County.
  • An area located outside of a Metropolitan County that serves a federally recognized Indian Tribe in Minnesota, or their associated Tribally Designated Housing Entity as defined by United States Code, title 25, section 4103(22), as approved in writing by Minnesota Housing.
  • An area served by a Joint County-City Economic Development Authority.

Eligible project areas with fewer than 30,000 people will be given preference. Refer to Minnesota Statute 462A.39 for additional information.

Eligible Projects and Activities

Eligible housing types are market rate residential rental properties that serve employees of businesses located in an eligible project area. A portion of the units can have rent restrictions or income restrictions.:

  • New construction
  • Acquisition and rehabilitation of a property that creates new housing units. This program would only fund those new units of housing.
  • Adaptive reuse of an existing property that is not currently used for housing.


Contact information, general inquiries and technical assistance needs can be emailed to