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Background Information

City of Red Lake Nation
County: Beltrami
Population: 5000
GreenStep City category: B
Full-time equivalent city staff (approx.): 250
Participating township, county, school: Red Lake, Redby, Little Rock, Ponemah

GreenStep Coordinator

Annie Johnson
City Staff
City web page relating to sustainability/GreenStep activities:
GreenStep City resolution: Click here to view the file.
GreenStep City status and date: STEP 1 ( )

City Assessment Files and City Performance Metrics

City councils pass a resolution to join the GreenStep program and are recognized at Step 1. Step 2 and Step 3 recognition levels reflect completed city actions, reported and rated below with stars (1 star = good, 2 stars = better, 3 stars = best). The Assessment File below summarizes completed city actions in a short Word file. Step 4 recognition is awarded to cities who report a minimum number of core metrics for the previous calendar year. These metrics aim to show the aggregate, quantitative results of taking multiple GreenStep actions. Step 5 cities show improvement in the Step 4 metrics. See yearly data for Steps 4&5. Additional city data can be found by reviewing information on B3 Benchmarking and Regional Indicators Initiative.

Assessment File

Best Practice Actions Underway and Completed

Completed actions are denoted by stars.

Total completed actions: 2
2 star actions: 1
3 star actions: 1

Buildings and Lighting Buildings and Lighting

Building Redevelopment {BP no.5}

2 star - Action 5:

Adopt development/design standards and programs that facilitate infill, redevelopment, and adaptable buildings.

Date action report first entered:
Date of last report update:
Year action initially completed:
Implementation details:
This housing retrofit project consists of 40 single family houses, 10 houses in each of the four communities in the Red Lake Tribal Nation that are being gutted, and repurposed with new flooring, windows, insolation, furness’s, central air, and water and sewer systems. Each house is going to be EnergyStar rated. The contract work is being done by Norson Construction. This Project includes the installation of EnergyStar-Rated clothes washers, dishwashers, and refrigerators and lighting fixtures and ceiling fans if needed as well as roofing that is Energy Star compliant. All interior paints will meet the MPI and Green Seal standards for VOC’s. After the retrofit is complete and before the tenants can move back in, they will be given a guide that explains intent, benefits, use, and maintenance of the green building features.
Outcome measures/metrics/money saved:
Descriptive File: view file
Housing Authority, Red Lake Tribal Council, Norson Construction, Red Lake Nation TERO

Resilient Economic & Community Development Resilient Economic and Community Development

Local Food {BP no.27}

3 star - Action 2:

Facilitate creation of home/community gardens, chicken & bee keeping, and incorporation of food growing areas/access in multifamily and residential developments.

Date action report first entered:
Date of last report update:
Year action initially completed:
Implementation details:
Red Lake Band of Chippewa Tribal Nation has a Local Food Initiative with which the goals are to decrease diet-related health issues, increase access to local healthy foods and develop a local foods economy. The Initiative incorporates community beliefs and attitudes about contemporary and traditional foods, in which the community garden is a part of. This community garden was started to provide food for the community and for the Oshkiimaajitahdah (New Beginnings) kitchen for employees. The food produced will also be used for cooking classes and programs to teach locals how to prepare traditional dishes, start a farmers market and help individuals start their own garden plots. There is also a High Tunnel Training Program with which, after community members finish the 13 week training, they receive a grant and a loan for a high tunnel and other equipment to start their own garden. The community garden currently has 1 high tunnel to help extend the growing season. The garden was done all by community members and includes the following foods:
4 types of Tomatoes- Heirloom Cherry, Beefy Steak, Big Girl, and Aroma
4 types of Potato- Russets, Red, Yukon Gold, and Purple Viking
5 types of Peppers- Green, Chili, Jalapeno, and Poloma, and Hungarian wax Pepper
3 types of Lettuce- Red Heirloom, Red Leafy, and Kale
3 types of Corn- Heirloom Vanity, Hominy, and Popcorn
The Community Garden space also includes an orchard which contains 60 trees with 4 varieties of fruit- Apple, Pear, Plum, Cherry, and Apricot. The Garden also has flowers planted throughout the space and has a plot for just wild flowers. For the future, Dave has a “Dream List” of things to add to the community garden space that includes: better irrigation with soaker hoses, inputting landscape fabric, adding 2 more green houses, and adding a deep winter green house.
Outcome measures/metrics/money saved:
Descriptive File: view file
Oshkiimaajitahdah (New Beginnings); Red Lake School District; Poly Tex; Project Grow; DNR; Wozupi Tribal Gardens; Sanitation Department; Comprehensive Health; local SNAP educator, Debra Hawthorne
For more information contact:
Dave Close (City staff) | | 218-679-3350