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Contact the Minnesota GreenStep Cities program coordinator

Cities working to implement GreenStep best practices can call on GreenStep advisors and representatives of the GreenStep partnership. In addition, contact the GreenStep coordinator - using the form or contact information below - to:

  • Ask questions to better understand the GreenStep Cities program
  • Clarify where to find different types of resources on the web site
  • Request a person to visit your city
  • Ask for help in connecting students to needed work in GreenStep cities
  • Send in your GreenStep City resolution and city contact information via e-mail
  • Get help documenting your accomplishments online
  • Get an e-mail with your current log-in password
  • Make suggestions for improving the GreenStep program
  • Attend a meeting of the GreenStep partners
  • Report errors on the web site and identify broken web links

  • Send an email to the GreenStep Cities program coordinator:

    Your Name:
    Phone Number:
    Email Address:

    The MN GreenStep Cities program – find us easily in the future at MnGreenStep.org – is coordinated by two co-directors:

    Philipp Muessig

    Philipp Muessig
    Assistance Division
    Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
    520 Lafayette Rd. N., 2nd Floor
    St. Paul, MN 55155-4194
    651/757-2594 or 800/657-3864

    Philipp Muessig's background is in science and community development, with previous jobs in minerals exploration, cooperative business development and neighborhood association management. A graduate of Carleton College, he now co-directs the MN GreenStep Cities program and periodically participates in MN Design Team charrettes. Prior work includes transportation topic lead for the MN Green Corps and co-director of the (former) MN Sustainable Communities Network (NextStep).

    Abby Finis

    Abby Finis
    Great Plains Institute
    2801 21st Ave S., Suite 220
    Minneapolis, MN 55407

    Abby began her career at the Minnesota Department of Commerce where she implemented local government energy efficiency programs, and served as staff representative to the Clean Energy Resource Teams and to GreenStep. A move to CR Planning, a small urban planning firm that specialized in sustainability and energy, led to her current position at the Great Plains Institute, where Abby continues her work with GreenStep, and with communities throughout the Midwest, focusing on solar energy opportunities and community resiliency. Abby received a Master's of Urban and Regional Planning from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota and a B.S. in Political Science from the University of Oregon.