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Marshall Minnesota was officially designated as a Minnesota Amateur Regional Sports Center in 2008. Since that time the city has successfully lobbied for $4 million in state bonding and passed a 1.5 percent lodging/food & beverage tax as well as a .5 percent general sales tax to fund construction of 4 competition baseball/softball field, improve existing soccer fields and the building of a two sheet ice arena. Keeping the grass on baseball and soccer fields in competition condition requires enormous volumes of water for irrigation. To reduce the use of city water and reduce the amount of water flowing into the stormwater system, a holding pond was constructed near the sports complex that will hold approximately 13.5 million gallons of water when it is filled to the normal water level. Additionally, the newly constructed baseball/softball fields have tiled infields, so the excess water is collected and flows directly into the holding pond, which can be used for irrigation at a later time.
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One pond was constructed with capacity for 13.5 million gallons of water up to the normal water level. Up to 10 million gallons of water could be available to baseball/softball diamonds and soccer fields. The City anticipates using approximately 1.7 million gallons of water per month for irrigation at the complex. If the City had to purchase this water from the local utility, it would cost over $10,000 per month to irrigate at the above stated rate.

City of Marshall, Marshall Public School, Southwest Amateur Sports Commission
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