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City of Dodge Center
County: Dodge
Population: 2700
GreenStep City category: B
Full-time equivalent city staff (approx.): 17
Participating township, county, school:

GreenStep Coordinator

Bryce Lange
City Staff
City web page relating to sustainability/GreenStep activities:
GreenStep City resolution: Click here to view the file.
GreenStep City status and date: STEP 1 ( )

City Assessment Files and City Performance Metrics

City councils pass a resolution to join the GreenStep program and are recognized at Step 1. Step 2 and Step 3 recognition levels reflect completed city actions, reported and rated below with stars (1 star = good, 2 stars = better, 3 stars = best). The Assessment File below summarizes completed city actions in a short Word file. Step 4 recognition is awarded to cities who report a minimum number of core metrics for the previous calendar year. These metrics aim to show the aggregate, quantitative results of taking multiple GreenStep actions. Step 5 cities show improvement in the Step 4 metrics. See yearly data for Steps 4&5. Additional city data can be found by reviewing information on B3 Benchmarking and Regional Indicators Initiative.

Assessment File

Best Practice Actions Underway and Completed

Completed actions are denoted by stars.

Total completed actions: 2

Transportation Transportation

Living Streets {BP no.11}

Pending - Action 4:

Identify, prioritize and remedy complete streets gaps and lack of connectivity/safety within your road network by, for example, adding a bike route/lane, truck route, sidewalk or mid-block alley.

Date action report first entered:
Date of last report update:
Year action initially completed: 2019
Implementation details:
The City of Dodge Center has been committed to making the city more bikable and walkable. In recent years, the city has adopted a policy of installing new sidewalk or replacing old sidewalk whenever there is a road construction project. In 2020, there is set to be over $5 million in street repairs and new street construction for residential, commercial, and even industrial areas. All of these roads in the 2020 project and afterwards will have sidewalks built. I attached a map with the current sidewalks in Dodge Center highlighted in purple. The goal of the city is that in the future, all streets will be highlighted with purple. The City is also participating in Safe Routes to School, which will help develop a document that identifies areas of concern, not only relating to sidewalk availability, but also to crosswalks and other infrastructure, in order to increase the safety and effectiveness of non-motor transportation. This plan is expected to be completed in June.
Outcome measures/metrics:
The outcome measurements from this action will be that sidewalks will increase connectivity throughout Dodge Center making the city more walking and biking friendly. This will allow people to walk to their destinations, get healthy, and decrease carbon emissions from motor vehicles.
Descriptive File: view file
For more information contact:
Bryce Lange (Elected official) | | 507-523-2257

Mobility Options {BP no.12}

Pending - Action 2:

Conduct an Active Living campaign such as a Safe Routes to School program.

Date action report first entered:
Date of last report update:
Year action initially completed: 2019
Implementation details:
Through SRTS, our consultants, and our committee the City aims to identify and address gaps in infrastructure that exists. Our committee includes teachers, principals, city staff, county engineer, school resource officer, police officers, concerned parents, a SHIP representative, and students. So far, the committee has held a workshop, in which, the above listed members attended to assess how school pick up and drop off was conducted, walk the city streets and see what challenges exist, and collaborate together on what some of the possible solutions might be. We have also led several surveying initiatives where parents, teachers, and students have been asked to provide information on what some of the barriers of walking or biking to school are. Over the winter of 2019-2020 the plan will be developed by Alta Planning. In the spring of 2020, the plan will be shared with committee members and the committee will be expected to continue working together to use the plan to address the problems that are laid out.
Outcome measures/metrics:
Once the plan is developed in June of 2020. We hope that committee can continue to address non-motor transportation issues and continue to collaborate with SRTS on different grant and programmtic initiatives that they lead in order to make walking and biking a safe possibility for students to use to get to school.
Descriptive File:
SHIP, Triton School District, MN DoT, Dodge County, City of Dodge Center, and Dodge County Sherriff's office
For more information contact:
Bryce Lange (Elected official) | | 507-523-2257