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    City of Sunfish Lake  

Background Information

County:   Dakota
Population:   525
GreenStep City category:   C

Full-time equivalent city staff (approx.):   4

Participating township, county, school:

GreenStep City resolution:   Click here to view the file.
GreenStep City status and date:   STEP 1 (05/03/2016)

GreenStep Coordinator

Jim Nayes

City web page relating to sustainability/GreenStep activities:

Best Practice Actions Underway and Completed

Completed actions are denoted by stars. Mouse over a star for its definition.

Land Use   Land Use

Design for Natural Resource Conservation
{ BP no. 10 }

Action 5: Develop/fund a conservation easement program, such as a purchase of development rights program, in collaboration with a land trust.     [Click here for self-reported city details ]  

Environmental Management   Environmental Management

Urban Forests
{ BP no. 16 }

Action 1: Certify as a Tree City USA.     [Click here for self-reported city details ]  

Parks and Trails
{ BP no. 18 }

Action 1: Make improvements within your city's system of parks, offroad trails and open spaces.     [Click here for self-reported city details ]  

Action 8: Develop a program to involve community members in hands-on land restoration and stewardship projects.     [Click here for self-reported city details ]  

Economic and Community Development   Economic and Community Development

Benchmarks & Community Engagement
{ BP no. 24 }

Action 4: Conduct or support a broad sustainability education and action campaign involving:     [Click here for self-reported city details ] a. The entire community.

b. Homeowners.

c. Block clubs/neighborhood associations.

d. Congregations.

e. Schools and youth.

Local Food
{ BP no. 27 }

Action 2: Facilitate creation of home/community gardens, chicken & bee keeping, and incorporation of food growing areas/access in multifamily residential developments.     [Click here for self-reported city details ]