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Best Practice Action 15.8

GreenStep City Best Practices: Environmental Management
Sustainable Purchasing No. 15

Adopt environmentally preferable purchasing policies and practices to improve health and environmental outcomes.

Best Practice Action 8

Use national green standards/guidelines for purchasing/investments such as cleaning products, furniture, flooring/coatings.

1 star List the categories for which the city has adopted standards/guidelines: wood products / bio-based products (including compostable serviceware; organic food; cleaning products; less/non-toxic pesticides/herbicides; paints, coatings and adhesives; carpets, flooring; furniture (especially remanufactured). Report EPEAT and paper under 15.1, WaterSense under 15.4, PIM/Green Printing under 15.6, street lighting/traffic signal purchasing under action 4.2; vehicles under 13.2 & 13.3
2 star Report the environmental/cost benefits of using purchasing standards; move city banking to community banks and credit unions; facilitate employee support for organizations that protect, conserve and restore Minnesota’s environment via payroll deductions.
3 star Shift investments/pension funding from fossil fuels to renewables; specify ductile iron pipe for city drinking water system.

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Maplewood - 1 star
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In Maplewood's Environmental Purchasing Policy, it specifies the use of state and national green standards/guidelines for purchasing cleaning products, paints, coatings and adhesives, carpets, and paper products.
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Shann Finwall (City staff) | | 651-249-2304