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Background Information

City of Brooklyn Park
County: Hennepin
Population: 80,610
GreenStep City category: A
Full-time equivalent city staff (approx.): 140
Participating township, county, school:

GreenStep Coordinator

Tim Pratt
City Staff
City web page relating to sustainability/GreenStep activities:
GreenStep City resolution: Click here to view the file.
GreenStep City status and date: STEP 1 ( )

City Assessment Files and City Performance Metrics

City councils pass a resolution to join the GreenStep program and are recognized at Step 1. Step 2 and Step 3 recognition levels reflect completed city actions, reported and rated below with stars (1 star = good, 2 stars = better, 3 stars = best). The Assessment File below summarizes completed city actions in a short Word file. Step 4 recognition is awarded to cities who report a minimum number of core metrics for the previous calendar year. These metrics aim to show the aggregate, quantitative results of taking multiple GreenStep actions. Step 5 cities show improvement in the Step 4 metrics. See yearly data for Steps 4&5. Additional city data can be found by reviewing information on B3 Benchmarking and Regional Indicators Initiative.

Best Practice Actions Underway and Completed

Completed actions are denoted by stars.

Total completed actions: 2
2 star actions: 1
3 star actions: 1

Buildings and Lighting Buildings and Lighting

Efficient Existing Private Buildings {BP no.2}

2 star - Action 1:

Create or participate in a marketing/outreach/incentive program to promote/achieve residential energy/water use reduction and energy efficiency.

Date action report first entered:
Date of last report update:
Year action initially completed: 2016
Implementation details:
Our Housing division offers loan for energy efficiency upgrades in homes
Our Operations & Maintenance department offers rebates for the installation of water efficient clothes washers, irrigation system controllers, toilets, and water softeners
Outcome measures/metrics/money saved:
Number of rebates/loans issued
Water use savings
Descriptive File: view file
This rebate program is funded by a grant from the Metropolitan Council Environmental Services using Clean Water Land & Legacy Amendment funds appropriated by the Minnesota Legislature.
For more information contact:
Tim Pratt (City Staff) | | 7634938120

Efficient Outdoor Lighting and Signals {BP no.4}

3 star - Action 2:

Purchase LEDs for all future street lighting and traffic signals.

Date action report first entered:
Date of last report update:
Year action initially completed: 2006
Implementation details:
Between 2006-2010 we received rebates from Xcel Energy to change over our traffic signal bulbs from incandescent to LED. We have realized over a 50% savings in energy costs and Xcel picked up most of the cost of the LED bulbs.

In 2010 we worked with McKinstry to replace 731 high pressure sodium street lights to induction and LED lights. This changeover was done at no cost to the city, with McKinstry picking up the initial costs and then being paid via our energy savings (over 50%). We also realized a cost savings due to the 10 year replacement warranty on all bulbs. Savings were used for switching over interior lighting.
Outcome measures/metrics/money saved:
Kwh savings for interior lighting = 202,000 kwh per year
Kwh savings for exterior lighting = 340,000 kwh per year
Approximate energy savings cost per year-$50k
Descriptive File:
Xcel Energy, McKinstry
For more information contact:
Steve Nauer (City Staff) | | 7634938007